How To Clean Purulent Pimples From Your Face

This recipe is very good for healing purulent pimples. Every day should be made fresh purées of melted garlic and put it on the face. This cover should be kept for 10-15 minutes - not longer.

If your skin can not withstand such a harsh method, for example. if it turns red or feel pain, then have to stop with these treatment .

In addition to the old recipe, modern doctors advise patients to regularly use the garlic in the diet or take a few drops or tablet preparations of garlic per day.

The mechanism of action of these preparations lies in the

formula that garlic has the role of excellent natural desingection. Of course, in that its properties and effects -based thick syrup, tea and balsam of garlic that is applied to the problematic part of the skin. But to be effective treatment, you should always adhere to therapeutic procedures - taking tea garlic for a few tablespoons a day. In this case, the garlic will
start to work with components of blood, the process of metabolism. It is precisely because of the disorder in these areas and occur pimples and boils.

Subcutaneous ulcers occur in children between the ages of 12 to 16 years. There's nothing unusual - organism " to shift ", is entering a more mature phase, the child matures as a man or woman. The new hormone, new elements are processed in the metabolic process and manifest " in that specific way - creating ulcers: a, or and more. Doctors have long come to the conclusion that the disease affects the whole organism, but manifested locally, in one place. And treatment of ulcers should be approached from both sides - to improve the metabolism, cleanse the blood, liver, kidneys, and the other - treat the sores that they caused pain and torment of man. Garlic is adequate for one and for the second treatment.

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