Conspiracy Theory: Earthquake In Japan Caused By U.s. Haarp?

Conspiracy theorists showing short clips from YouTube claim that HAARP or similar device is to control time,and has been used against Japan???

After a double disaster in Japan, earthquake and tsunami, and then multiple explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plant injured on the Internet are, as it usually happens after such events, conspiracy theories surfaced that for all the troubles in the ' land of the rising sun ' blame America Active research program with high frequency or HAARP ( High Frequency Active auroral Research Program ).

Specifically, the conspirators claim that after weeks of HAARP electromagnetic silence turned around midnight in

the GMT, or about one hour to GMT - in, and has since worked hard.
In his theories and presents evidence on the connection between HAARP and Japan showing the movie, with Youtube claiming that HAARP or similar device to control time has been used over the country. ( video 1 )
As a last strong argument invoking the earthquake in Niigata Prefecture, the 2007th in respect of having an article titled ' Western bankers threaten Japan HAARP S eco - destruction a year before the earthquake in China '.
Warn that before the earthquake in Niigata, but also those in China and Chile, in the sky seen a strange light is polar light. The conspirators claim that HAARP experts confirmed that the colors in the sky caused by electromagnetic disturbance which is down from the ionospher. / photos /

Japan is earthquake prone area near the Pacific Circle of Fire and constantly exposed to earthquakes. The heaviest shaking was sustained in 1923 ( Kan to earthquake )

that killed about 145,000 people. In more recent times was the worst earthquake in Kobe in 1995, that killed 5500 people. On an annual basis Japan suffered an average of seven earthquake. Seen from this perspective, it is unreasonable to the latest Japanese earthquake of 11.03.2011. year characterised as a deliberate event. However, knowing the mentality of the powerful from the shadows to rule the world today and anticipating what have arsenal of weapons ( HAARP ), I think it is reasonable to suspect that this earthquake caused deliberately.

The statements such as: the disaster no one, and they were not so cruel or so, I will not even be discussed. The fact is that it works on the structures and power centers operating outside any control. I think that the destruction of Japan, largely corresponding to the dark centers of power. The same darkened minds caused an earthquake in Haiti, killing the Polish president and government, the explosion of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico and similar atrocities, so that the Japanese earthquake fits the continuation of the same cruel policy.

What to say at the end? It is very difficult to see the ordinary man all the horror and disaster who suffer are our brothers and sisters in Japan. Clues and suspicions that this disaster deliberate only increases frustration. However, I think it is important to always seek the truth no matter what.


watch this clips very interesting 

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